My love of photography was born a long time ago. It all started with me taking pictures of horses.

I am a life-long equestrian. I've ridden horses since I was a child. Being an avid horse person, horses have been a major focus in my life.  Horses have led me to some pretty amazing places in my life... including to photography...

My professional photography journey began a while back when I was hired as a second shooter at horse shows by a dear friend. My friend has a well established photography business focusing on horse show and family portraits.

At the shows I would take rail shots and backdrop shots of horses and riders under the watchful eye of my friend. She was instrumental in helping me hone my picture taking skills.


LL Photography was born in the Spring of 2020

I love capturing special images for others so much that I decided to begin my own photography business...

My goal as a photographer is to make you feel at ease, so you can enjoy the simplicity and the beauty of the moments as they happen.

Let your uniqueness shine...

I will help direct you into posed that will feel natural to you and fun!  There will also be many moments that we will allow things to unfold naturally. That is how we will capture images for you to cherish.

Whether it is a family photo shoot or a private shoot with your beloved horse or dog, I am honored to catch those special moments through my lens... for you!

Enjoy Life's Ride... Linda Lee